Fashion and Football in New Orleans



By Julie M. Dedebant

Heading out for a New Orleans Saints game is an experience in itself that can rival Mardi Gras. The carnival spirit extends beyond the game day festivities to the outfits fans use to support the New Orleans home team. Here are a few favorites to get your black and gold fashion inspiration fix.

For the first Saints home game this fall, it seemed the entire city was cruising up and down Poydras St. heading to the SuperDome. In the midst of all the excitement, I had to stop and ask the people that stood out fashion-wise, what was their inspiration when getting dressed today?

The most common answer was anything black and gold; the official colors for the New Orleans Saints. It was amazing to see the creativity people have when it comes to fashion for football games. I spoke with several fashionistas, one of which is a recent runner-up for Miss Louisiana. She was absolutely adorable wearing one of my favorite outfits of the evening: a delicate cream silk shirt embellished with black and gold beads topped with a black cache jacket.

Commercial realtor Olivia Benge said not only is she a Saint’s fan, but she designed her outfit specifically to represent the team. She chose her outfit to be comfortable for the New Orleans autumn season which can bounce from mild to chilly within a few hours. She wore a pair of black leggings anchored with fantastic black booties and a straight-cut tank top emblazoned with Nola in gold foil. The tank was complemented with amazing gold leaf earrings, which is a  huge fall fashion trend.

There might be some of you out there that have never experienced tailgating for a New Orleans Saints game, but it is definitely a must-do;  just to see  the flare, fashion and spirit that  people have when it comes to getting dressed  for football here in New Orleans.

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