Fall Fashion Must Haves

By Ashley Boudreaux

With fall finally arriving, we are starting to see more winter looks rolling into stores.  But of course, buying a whole new wardrobe seems a little unrealistic! Here are the Top 6 must-have items for this fall.

1 Graphic Sweatshirt:  Graphic sweatshirts are in. Yes, you heard it here.  But these are not just your ordinary sweatshirts.  Still comfortable, but with a whole lot more style.  Fashion bloggers everywhere are dressing graphic sweatshirts up by pairing them with skirts. Depending on the  material and bulkiness of your sweatshirt, replicate the look by matching it with a knee-length fitted skirt, or if your sweatshirt is a bit too bulky, then try the look with a skater skirt.  Style tip? Twist the sweatshirt into a small knot and slightly front-tuck your sweatshirt into the skirt.  This will help get rid of some bulkiness!



2 Bucket Bag: Say goodbye to satchels, hobos, and totes because bucket bags are the new It bags.  With designers everywhere jumping on the bucket bag trend, these bags are without a doubt a fall must-have.  Just about everything in my closet is black– if you are the same, I’d suggest grabbing a bucket bag in a bright red or cobalt blue to add a pop of color to your usual everyday wear.


3 Suede Booties: Every girl should have a  pair of suede booties. Not only can you wear them with just about anything, but also they tend to be much more comfortable than heels.  Style them with distressed boyfriend jeans or a flowy dress for a casual look.


4 Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Don’t put away your favorite distressed boyfriend jeans! Boyfriend jeans are versatile and can be worn during colder months too.  Instead of wearing them with your sandals and tank top, pair them with an oversized sweater and booties.  Style tip? Make sure your boyfriend jeans are fitted at the top, but slouchy towards the bottom. You want them to look similar to your boyfriend’s jeans, not actually fit him!


5 Leather Jacket:  Just about every “Fall Must-Have” list should have a leather jacket on it.  Living in New Orleans, you will most likely only really need a leather jacket for about three days out of the year, but a leather jacket will last forever (and look super chic!)

Forever 21 Leather Jackets

6 Full Mid-Length Skirt:  News Flash, full mid-length skirts are no longer only associated with the hit show Mad Men.  Mid-length skirts are having a huge comeback. Just be careful with the way you style your skirt.  Heels or booties are a must.  Also, keep it youthful!  Pair your skirt with a tucked in graphic T-shirt rather than a boring blouse.

midlength skirts trend FW2014

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