The Recycling Committee pledge

By: Marion Freistadt

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The Recycling Committee here at Delgado (also called “Delgado Recycles”) is run completely by unpaid volunteers from the college’s faculty, staff and students.  There is no official recycling office at Delgado.  While we have accomplished many goals (see previous columns and our web site http://www.dcc.edu/recycle/ ), it has been extremely difficult to keep the momentum going. Oftentimes we may meet just once in a semester, and very little progress is made outside of meetings. The problem seems to be, like most of us today, we have many great intentions, but are spread too thin to be effective in multiple areas.

Recently, I came up with the idea to have our members take a pledge to follow through on their goals just a little bit.  This is not a pledge with “teeth”—if you don’t do it, you will not be punished. But if we succeed, that will be a greater reward than we’ve had in the past.  I hope that a small, tangible promise might help focus our efforts.  At the end of the year, we can assess whether it helped; maybe we can have an event to celebrate our success.

With this pledge, I hope to accomplish two things: 1) Continuity of our group efforts, and 2) Setting smaller, but more attainable goals.

If committee members take the pledge, we will be more likely to follow through on our efforts.  This will provide continuity to our meetings, events and efforts.  I want each person’s goals to be small enough that they are attainable.  Just attending one meeting or event per semester may be all that someone’s schedule will permit.  Just working on one project is enough for a volunteer activity. Any of us may do more, but this is the minimum.

This is the pledge, drawn up by the team:

“We, as members of the Delgado Dolphin Recycling Committee, agree to uphold our commitment to our team by attending at least 1 meeting or event during each Fall and Spring semester.  We also pledge to work on one project each year.  Further, we will encourage and promote recycling and ‘going green’ on our campuses and sites, and try to bring in new members.”

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