Dolphins 2014-15 basketball season preview



By Alvaro Pena

With the 2014-2015 men’s basketball season soon approaching, the Delgado Dolphins are getting back into game shape to improve on their awful 2013-14 losing season. With a team filled with talented guards, the dolphins only won 6 games for the whole 2013-14 season.

Last season the dolphins were led by freshman guard Reginald Pitts, who was an outstanding scorer from mid-range and beyond the arc. He had an overall of 148 points for the season and 18 steals on the defensive side of the court. He led the team with 28 assists and also led them in turnovers with 37 total. Though that is understandable coming from a freshman guard.

Ralston Morris and Deonta Ward had a combined total of 155 points for the season, but only combined for 18 assists for the year. That’s not good coming from two talented guards. That is something they must improve on for the upcoming season.

If there were something that the Dolphins team needs to improve on, that would be teamwork. Overall the Dolphins only assisted each other 74 times while their opponents had a combined of 140 assists. Is this team together or has it become a one-man show?

What this team needs is balance throughout all aspects of the game. Pitts margin of points scored far exceeds that of his teammates. Ralston Morris is the closest with 92 points for the season. Not one other Dolphin player surpassed the one hundred point mark.

In their six wins, the dolphins showed signs of balance and teamwork.

Against Bishop State, the Dolphins led at the end of the first half and played well defensively only giving up 54 points to Bishop. Scoring was also balanced, Pitts had 22 points, Mazik 12 and Ward added 11 points. This was the Dolphins first win.

The Dolphins also have a higher chance of winning games this year if only they could lockdown opponents defensibly. In all their losses in the 2013-14 season, the Dolphins gave up more then 60 points. In their wins, their opponents averaged around 50 points.

Another problem the Dolphins have to clean up is turnovers. They gave away the ball 121 times in the season while their opponents combined for only 110 turnovers.

Sure this team has its problems, but this year they are more experienced and ready to show their improvements as a team.

The Delgado Dolphins first game will be on Halloween at Bay Minette, AL.






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