Nailing it, The hidden cost of a manicure

By Jamila Cherif

 Manicures and pedicures are luxuries that say, “I’m pampered and worth it.’’ Students may not be able to afford a $50 manicure, but will consider a $10 or $20 manicure and pedicure.Some nail salons may cut corners and costs in ways that could harm you, though. There are three major concerns with manicures such as, skin cancer caused by the UV lights, thin nails caused by a rough removal process using chemicals (gel manicure), and infection from the introduction of harmful bacteria and molds.

However, there are some tips to stay on the safe side. The first one is to find a salon that uses LED rather than UV lights when curing the nail polish coats. Then, the second rule is to ask the manicurist to apply sunscreen to your hands before beginning the gel manicure process. The final touch would be to wear anti-UV light manicure gloves that have holes at the fingertips to protect the skin while under a UV curing light.

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