We have recycling?

Marion FeistadtBy: Marion Freistadt

Yes, but not enough.

Upon arrival, many Delgado students may wonder whether recycling services exist on campus. Perhaps some doubt is evoked when you notice one or two recycling bins around campus, but then cant find one when you need to recycle something. Consequently, a lot of recyclable material ends up in landfills.

Recycling at Delgado has a long history, resulting in many ups and downs. If you want the gory details (and other information), please visit our very wonderful Delgado recycling website, which is available as a portal on the DCC home page under the Student Life tab (http://www.dcc.edu/recycle/). At the present time, the administration supports on-campus recycling.

What materials can be recycled?

It’s pretty much the same as household recycling in the Greater New Orleans area:

1. Paper (printouts, envelopes, junk mail, shredded paper)

2. Plastics (#’s 1, 2, 5 and 7)

3. Aluminum cans

4. Cardboard

Glass is NOT currently being recycled. Materials for recycling do NOT need to be sorted: all recyclables go into the same bins. Please, no household garbage.

Any recycling that you see is mostly due to a dedicated core of folks who make up the Recycling Committee (called “Delgado Recycles”), with significant help from Housekeeping.

What we need now is energy, input and buy-in from the entire Delgado community. If you would like to help in any way, contact Marion Freistadt at mfreis@dcc.edu, or by phone at (504)352-2142. We try to have regular meetings. We have many ideas, but we have difficulty with implementation, mainly because everybody is extremely busy. If we can get a robust quorum of committed folks, we believe that we can become much more successful.

This article is the first of what should become a weekly column about recycling and “green” issues at Delgado.



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