Women judging women: are the jury of her peers friends or foes?

Shawnta Broussard

 Women are beautiful, delicate, sensational creatures that gave birth to society. How are beings with such purpose some of the most vicious towards their own kind. What makes a woman so judgmental and hateful?

 Catfights, gossip, jealousy are the things the public see’s because of the way the media depicts us. Most girls growing up in school got jealous of each other for some of the same reasons we do today as adults. “She has a better dress than mine,” “she thinks she looks better than me,”or she’s with the boy I have a crush on” are some of the things women fight about even as adults. They are silly reasons, but we use them to insult  the next female. Why do we do it?

 Old habits die hard and insecurities have a lot to do with being judgemental to other woman. They either think that people are judging them, or have been judged before. Some start thinking that it is okay to judge others because they are being judged too.

Women can admit to so many things when they are thinking to themselves. Alexis Mcdaniels admits, “I can be very jealous of women who have more confidence than me and I don’t trust women around my man.” Her insecurities stop her from being the best that she can be, because she’s so worried about who has her on trial.

Men also have an impact on some women’s insecurities. Men are always talking about the type of women they enjoy on TV, or just walking around. They express what is appealing to them about that woman. A woman can sometimes look at her self as not being of equal quality of that woman and begin to hate themselves other women around them.

 Women need to start showing respect to one another. We need to understand that all women have equal value no matter what our situation, image, or position in life. Every woman has purpose and can help each other succeed and feel secure.


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