USA World Cup Preview

By: Nick Ducote

This summer Brazil is hosting the World Cup. Though the country of Brazil is still considered a third world country, it still scraped together enough money to make several multi-million dollar stadiums. The event will cover twelve different parts of Brazil. The world cup is a beautiful unification of thirty-one different countries. However, It will give the world a look into the life of the Brazilian people. Their culture will make you appreciate the uniqueness of the country and what they offer the world.

This year the USA men’s soccer team is a confusing, ragged bunch. The team that we have to root for has always had an identity crisis. The men’s soccer team is littered with a core group of players who have remarkable talent. The team has been overshadowed by their losses in the past four years.  The key losses to higher quality opponents, such as Brazil, has haunted this years group of players.

The team has a group of veterans who push them year in and year out, but seem to lose their focus when playing countries such as Germany, or the Ukraine. The team is still a work in progress, but one day will become a world power in the sport. The men’s head coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, knows what the team needs to win a World Cup and to be recognized as the best in the world. He himself won a WorldCup while playing for his native country of Germany. He also coached the German team in the early 2000’s leading them to the final stages of the World Cup. He is one of the best minds in the game. Klinsmann is known for his defensive play and hard-nosed technique as a coach. If the men’s team doesn’t get too far in this years match then Klinsmann will have a stable of players who will be prepared for the next.

The men’s U.S. soccer team is led by midfielder Michael Bradley, and forward Clint Dempsey. The two players have been the primary leaders of the team for the past eight years. Dempsey, a journeyman soccer star, who has played in the English Premier League and in the U.S., is hoping to do something special this year. He and several players on the team are salivating for the summer to start.

The negative press and media scrutiny from other countries and our own has given the team a lot of motivation. The last couple of games that were played have been mainly comprised of players just trying to make the team. The veterans that have proved themselves have nothing to worry about, but the new faces in this year’s group can make a name for themselves if they keep up the smart play. Youngsters such as Julian Green of the German “super club” Bayern Munich is the face of the future. He is one of those blossoming youth players that will hopefully step up and turn this team into a contender. Though the offensive side of the ball is oozing with the talent to make the team go far, the defensive side of the ball can make many soccer fans look away.

The team is comprised of great soccer talent, but the defense has let them down on too many occasions. Players like Oguchi Onieywu, John Brooks, Edgar Castillo, and Kyle Beckerman have been absolutely terrible for the U.S. The look of confusion on their faces whenever they’re playing is revolting for fans to watch. The whole fan base of soccer fans in the U.S. is screaming at the television screen whenever the groups of players are on the pitch. The last several games have been a test to see whether or not some players such as these few are worthy enough to grace us again in this year’s world cup. Hopefully we won’t see them in U.S. soccer uniform, if so then it’s going to be a long summer.

The world cup is comprised of several groups of teams to play against each other. The groups are alphabetized and then whoever has the most wins out of their group advances to the next stages of the world cup. Sadly for the U.S., we are in the “group of death” for this year’s world cup. The “group of death” is usually comprised of several of the best teams in the world. That normally doesn’t happen, but when it does it is hard for analysts and soccer fans alike to choose thewinning team.

The countries the U.S. has to face are Ghana, Germany and Portugal. They have been the soccer super powers in the world for the past ten years. The U.S. definitely has their hands full, and they will need every bit of talent and athleticism to win. Be sure to look up the times and dates for the world cup in case you want to check out to see how the team is doing on ABC or CBS during the summer. We all wish the best of luck for the yanks! GO USA!

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