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By: Kamel Benyahia

The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)the-last-of-us-wallpaper

The last of us was one of the best games overall last year.  It offered a fresh take on the zombie genre that has been overplayed in recent entertainment titles.  The game was truly a masterpiece that featured a great story and excellent mechanics.  Now the game is going to be remastered and upscaled to 1080p.  The Last of Us was already one of the best looking games of the year, and with the PS4’s capabilities this game should be a standout.  If you played last year’s version already you won’t be getting anything knew except the upscaled graphics.  The PS4 version will have all the added DLC already added for those of you who missed out on the extra storyline.  If you have a PS4 and missed out on this title last year then buy this game and you will not be disappointed.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS4, PS3, PC)A_Realm_Reborn_Black

Final Fantasy XIV has been rebuilt from the ground up and relaunched as a new game despite sharing the same name as its predecessor.  The game was not a success with critics and Square Enix stepped in and revived the MMO instead of scrapping it and starting with a new project.  This risky move has paid off and now Final Fantasy’s MMO finally lives up to it’s namesake.  The new game has been out on PC and PS3 already, but now PS4 players can join in.  The game is unique in that it shares servers between each Platform.  One player on PC can play with a buddy on PS4 on the same servers.  This is a great game to lose yourself in over the summer considering it features the time-consuming grind to level your character that is de rigueur in MMOs.  I would strongly recommend this game for lovers of Final Fantasy and MMOs.


Dark Souls II: (PS3, 360, PC)dark souls

Do you feel like dying a lot, mercilessly, with no idea what just wiped you out?  Then you might like Dark Souls II.  The Dark Souls series revolves around punishing the player over and over until the player learns how to overcome the obstacle.  Dark Souls is a game that takes place in a fantasy world with knights, dragons, and several other things that are out to kill you.  Dark Souls rewards the players who push themselves through countless punishing deaths until they are victorious.  I have never dedicated myself to any of the Souls games, but I have played a bit of them and they are quite challenging.  If a challenge is what you’re looking for this summer then look no further the Dark Souls II.


Mario Kart 8: (Wii U)2014-Mario-Kart-8-Wallpaper

The kart racer that started it all is back with its eighth entry and first on the Wii U.  For those of you who have a Wii U, this is a must buy.  A lot of the classic themes that made previous Mario Karts a success are returning along with a few new features.  There will be new levels mixed in with old classics stretching all the way back to the Nintendo 64 version that started it all.  Players will be able to play multiplayer locally or online with up to 12-racers on the track.


Watch Dogs: (PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360)2309326-watchdogs

This is one game I am really looking forward to.  After being delayed by Ubisoft the title is finally hitting the shelves May 27. Watch Dogs features a near-future Chicago that has been converted into a city that the NSA dreams about.  There are camera’s everywhere and the whole city is digitally connected for security purposes.  What happens when one man gets control over the city?  The story of Watch Dogs is still a bit unclear, but with Ubisoft’s track record lately, it is safe to invest in anything they have coming out.  Watch Dogs will be an open world game that allows you to hack into any device or city grid in the game to accomplish your goals.  This should be an interesting game mechanic that could create some truly unique experiences in different gamer’s hands.


MLB 14: The Show (PS3, PS4)mlb the show

This game is going to be a visual experience on par with actually walking into legendary ballparks like Wrigley Field.  Everything from the fans to the individual blades of grass have been meticulously detailed.  For you baseball fans this is your best and only choice on the PS4 as of right now.  Even the fabric on the uniforms can be distinguished from the screenshots letting us know they did not miss many details.  The EA sports games on the PS4 leave a bit to be desired in the graphics department, but NBA 2K14 and now MLB 14: The Show look to show how sports games should look in today’s gaming.

The Elder Scrolls Online: (PS4, PC)teso

This is the second MMO on my list.  I was first introduced to the Elder Scrolls series with Skyrim.  Skyrim was the fifth entry in the popular fantasy game series.  I enjoyed Skyrim and spent more hours than I care to admit exploring the map.  The Elder Scrolls MMO expands on this map and adds lands from previous Elder Scrolls games and lands from the Elder Scrolls lore.  I’m not sure what to expect from this game, and I remain cautious about recommending a game I couldn’t see myself getting into.  When it comes to MMOs, being a fan of the lore is very important.  I liked the Star Wars and Final Fantasy MMOs because I liked their worlds before I played the MMOs.  Games like Warcraft and Rift don’t get my attention because I am not familiar with the lore of those games.

Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition: (PS4)Diablo 3

Diablo III has been out for awhile now, but it is finally going to reach the PS4 this summer.  The Diablo games have always had a button mashing feel to me, but for some people the hunt for loot is what drives them.  This game takes place in a fantasy world and allows you to pick different classes that cater to your play style.  “Diablo III” features increasing difficulties and MMO-style questing that has the player grinding through dungeons in search for better loot.  I have never been a Diablo enthusiast, but I do have friends who swear by this game and have beaten it on higher difficulties.  I also can’t deny the critical success of the series, and I have to acknowledge Blizzard for making good quality game that cater to their audience.

Sniper Elite 3: (PS3, PS4, PC)sniper_elite_iii__final__25014.nphd

The Sniper Elite series has always taking sniping to the next level.  Call of Duty and Battlefield both have their own versions of sniping, but feature different facets of war beyond sniping.  Sniper Elite really focuses on the sniping mechanics by bringing different environmental factors into your aiming.  Artificial intelligence has been beefed up from the second game.  This is good since both of the older games had some enemies that either knew too much or too little.  This title boasts bigger maps that give the players more options when completing a level.  The X-ray shots return allowing you to get an up close look at the destruction you just unleashed on some poor Nazi’s noggin.


Dying Light: (PS4, PC)Dying Light

This horror title has a lot of mystery surrounding it.  It seems to resemble a title that came out earlier on the PS4, Outlast.  You are tasked with survival in an area surrounded by infected.  Daylight uses its day and night lighting to establish the mood in the game.  It also affects the gamer’s decision making since it’s much more dangerous to do things at night.  This game is based on suspense and making the player question their every move.  It seems to borrow the camera and lighting aspect from Outlast as well.  This should be an interesting title for those interested in the horror game genre.


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360, PC)transformers-rise-of-the-dark-spark-logo2

The previous Transformer games not attached to the Transformer movies have been surprisingly fun and fresh.  The multiplayer matches were a lot of fun featuring common shooter game modes like team death match and domination style matches.  The stories were always original and more interesting than the movie-tie-in games.  This new title seems to carry the tradition with original Transformers stories and solid gameplay mechanics.  Right now the only multiplayer that has been announced is a four-player co-op mode similar to “Mass Effect 3” and “Warframe” multiplayer.  If you’re a fan of the Transformers then look for this title to come out later this year.


Trials Fusion (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC)Trials Fusion

The Trials games have been a personal favorite of mine recently, and now they have made the jump to Playstation.  Trials Fusion is a 2D side-scrolling motorcycle game similar to the legendary “Excite Bike” game on the original Nintendo.  This version features a slightly futuristic theme with the gnarly levels we’ve come to expect from the Trials games.  It’s all about balance and throttle as you attempt to navigate an evolving course that is falling apart around you.  The new courses bring new challenges designed to stop the most skilled Trial’s riders.  This is a fun game to play in between long game sessions, or as a quick pick-up game between classes.

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