What you need to know about March Madness

By: Madelaine Ho

The most anticipated college sporting event of the year is here.


March Madness is the annual NCAA basketball tournament that takes place throughout the month of March. Sixty-four teams compete in a bracket tournament, and the bracket is divided into four divisions: South, West, East and Midwest. The divisions have 16 seeds each. Thirty-two teams are entered automatically by winning their college conference championship. The other half are chosen through a selection committee.


The tournament allows fans from all over the country to print and fill out brackets to bet on which teams will move on or be “upsetted”. Some people gamble a lot of money on these games. This year Warren Buffett is offering $1 billion to anyone who correctly fills out the bracket. During the tournament, upsets can occur that will “bust” one’s bracket. This year,  Dayton (#11) upsetted Ohio State (#6) to advance to the next round, while Harvard (#12) upsetted Cincinnati (#7).


Many top colleges often participate in the tournament every year; schools such as Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville and Duke are extremely visible during March Madness.


March Madness is also a time for rising future prospects of the NBA to show off their skills. The 2014 NBA Draft Class considered the best since 2003, according to major sports publications. That year’s tournament featured future NBA superstars Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Wade. Players to look out for this year are Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid, Duke’s Jabari Parker, and Kentucky’s Julius Randle.

Past NCAA champions include; Duke (2010), Connecticut (2011), Kentucky (2012), and last year’s champion, Louisville. Former Kentucky Wildcats and Pelicans Anthony Davis and Darius Miller participated in the tournament, and went all the way to win the coveted title against the Kansas Jayhawks in New Orleans in 2012. Also in that game was Kansas’ and Pelicans rookie Jeff Withey, who defended Anthony Davis.

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