The Air Up There

By: Anthony Alongi


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s you! Flyboarding is an exhilarating new sport that allows thrill-seekers the chance to soar the skies.  Founded in France by Franky Zapata, flyboarding is a sport that can send someone up to 40 ft. in the air by redirecting water pressure from a jet ski into a foot-board while providing enough stability for maneuvering, and some advanced stunts for more advanced boarders.

Last year this new and exciting sport was introduced to Louisiana when NOLA Flyboarding, the only licensed flyboard company in the state, opened for business. Owner/instructor Tony Bertucci first learned about flyboarding while on vacation in Destin, Florida and saw a market for it back home in New Orleans.  Bertucci said his first thought upon seeing it in action was “This has got to be in NOLA!” And what a splash it has made.

Operating primarily, but not exclusively out of Lake Pontchartrain, NOLA flyboarding provides an adventurous and ambitious alternative to the everyday activities in the city.  With summer on the horizon, there is still time to learn the basics of the sport and first timers can expect to hit the ground running.  “In a first lesson a person can expect to get up to about 20ft in the air, and also learn the basic maneuvers like turning and adjusting altitude..  Plus learning a few basic tricks like the dolphin dive, sharp turns, and possibly a back flip!” says Bertucci.

A flyboard is operated by one person riding on a PWC (personal watercraft) giving a controlled amount of throttle, while the other is standing on the flyboard secured by wakeboard-type bindings.  The jet-ski rider provides a steady throttle increasing the pressure of water through the hoses connected to the footboard.  The rider balances the pressure by keeping their feet in a somewhat flat position.  Within minutes the person on the board learns how to lift and drop their feet to manipulate the board and do whatever they want.  Unless a person is certified to use an E.M.C. (electronic manual controller) two riders are required for operation.

First Flip

First Flip

Maybe you’re looking for something fresh and invigorating for the summer, or maybe you’re one of those guys who isn’t the best at anything among your friends? Either one is a great reason to give flyboarding a go. It’s your time to fly! Those interested in flying or wanting to know more can contact NOLA Flyboarding at 504-982-8346 or by e-mail at nolaflyboarding@gmail.com .  To checkout photos, videos, and more visit their website nolaflyboarding.com and follow them on Instagram @nolyflyboarding.


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