Pierre the Pelican’s Upcoming Makeover

By Ashley Boudreaux

While most people are finally getting used to the name change of the New Orleans Hornets to the New Orleans Pelicans.  The one thing that people are certainly not getting used to is the mascot!


It was announced at the beginning of the year that the New Orleans Pelicans mascot, Pierre the Pelican, was getting a makeover.  The mascot will have a new redesigned head to be made “less scary.”  The new and improved mascot will be debuted at this weekend’s NBA All-Star Weekend 2014.

Ever since Pierre the Pelican’s debut in October 2013 the mascot has been ridiculed for not only being an eye sore, but for also being too scary.  Pierre the Pelican has been noticed everywhere, but not for good reasons. Pelican fans and not-so-much Pelican fans have gone to social media to mock the mascot in many different ways.

 Even if you are a fan of Pierre, you cannot help but laugh out loud to the funny, mini-videos and edited pictures of the mascot.  From Pierre the Pelican photo shopped into expressionist artist, Edvard Munch’s popular painting, The Scream, to Pierre axing through a door during a recreation of one of the most famous scenes of Stephen King’s The Shining.


What are your thoughts on Pierre’s old look? What would you change?

photo caption: Photo from @NBAPelicans, Twitter.  The first unveiling of Pierre the Pelican


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