PB and HEY! Where’s my jelly?!

By: Anthony Alongi

Slap that jelly against the wall and grab yourself a banana! The traditional PB & J will forever have its place in Americana right next to “Casablanca” and the model T-Ford, but there is a healthier alternative that is giving the long-time sandwich duo a run for its money. Yes, jelly, peanut butter has been cheating on you with a well-hung, healthier alternative.

Speaking of America, Elvis was known to eat a PB & B every single day with one significant difference; he deep-fried them. The only thing good about fried food is the taste, we’re trying go about this in a healthier more nutritional way though so stop drooling about it! Unless you wanna meet your demise while on the toilet like “The King” did. Pretty far from a throne huh?

The fact is, this sandwich is tongue-teasing and soul-pleasing when made correctly. Dumping globs of peanut butter is certainly not recommended but when applied in proper portions it makes for quite the delicious and nutritionally beneficial mid-day snack.

Here are some facts about the PB&B:

  • Bananas contain more nutrients than jelly without any added sugar
  • Eating a PB&B with fortified wheat bread (added iron and calcium and prevents constipation ELVIS), provides a heart-healthy dose of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • A 2-tablespoon serving of PB contains 188 calories and 16 grams of fat, of which only 3.4 are saturated. The other unsaturated fats are very healthy and can lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease.
  • Peanut butter provides 8 grams of protein with a 2-tbls. Serving
  • Bananas provide 3.9 grams of fiber and contain 0 grams of fat (you get all the fat you need in the peanut butter)
  • Of the 4,700 milligrams of potassium that are recommended daily, a banana accounts for 537 of them.
  • Iron, magnesium, and Vitamins A and C are also in a serving of bananas. The words “reduced-fat” or “low-fat” can be misleading to the unknowing consumer.

The words “reduced-fat” or “low-fat” can be misleading to the unknowing consumer. The truth is, at least in the case of peanut butter, that reduced-fat versions have more added starches and sugar than regular peanut butter. Remember that the word “fat” isn’t nearly as bad as it seems. The body needs the healthy fats and oils that peanut butter supplies in abundance.

Time to lose that belly and it all starts with getting rid of jelly. Well, a drunk-text every now and then won’t hurt, we still wanna know that jelly hasn’t gotten over us completely. Go slap a monkey and take his banana because this delicious snack will have you going…bananas. Yea, that’s all I had.

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