Office of Health Services Screening “Addiction Incorporated”

The recent anti-tobacco campaign is soon to clear the air around Delgado’s campuses.  Next semester students will no longer be able to smoke on campus anywhere, due to a new law, Act 211, Senate Bill No. 36.

In spirit of these new changes, Delgado’s office of Health Services will be screening a documentary titled, “Addiction Incorporated.”  The screening will take place March 12, from 12 P.M. to 3 P.M. in the Student Life Center conference room.  There will also be a panel of health professionals on hand to answer questions, following the screening.

There will be a second screening on the Slidell Campus March 19 at the same time, located in the main building, room 112.

Addiction Incorporated Movie Poster

Addiction Incorporated Movie Poster

The documentary revolves around Victor Denobles crusades against big-tobacco companies that knowingly made their products more addictive.  Denobles was brought on to create a safer cigarette, but he noticed the companies always chose more addictive ingredients over safer and healthier alternatives.

You will see the tactics that big-tobacco companies used, and how they flexed their power in congress.

The film will expose the decisions these companies made to make their products more addictive, despite warnings from scientist working for them.

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