Free Tax Prep at Single Stop

By: Alisa Lindsey

Single Stop is a non-profit organization that provides free services to students of Delgado Community College.

As we all know, tax season has arrived and Single Stop is here to help.  The non-profit organization provides free tax services to all students, and other financial assistance.

While filing your taxes they can provide a free benefit screening as well as assistance with filing your FAFSA for the upcoming school year.  The screening will allow you to find out if you are eligible for any government assistance such as SNAP/food stamps, child care assistance, or Medicaid.

Single Stop doesn’t just provide free tax assistance to the students of Delgado, they also provide free legal and financial assistance as well.  The legal help Single Stop can assist you with includes the following: eviction, public assistance, immigration, custody, and small business issues.

When it comes to financial help those services are:  credit and debt issues, budget management, savings, and financial advice. If you go any other place than Single Stop you could be paying hundreds of dollars just for this assistance.

Don’t wait until you finish school to rebuild your credit or try to find a way to budget your funds. Allow someone to assistance you at no charge today.  Don’t wait until you allow student loans to catch up with you and find yourself in a hole you cannot get out of.

When Single Stop first originated their purposes were to not only assist low-income housing with financial assistance, but it was to lower the rate of drop-outs per semester at colleges.  Single Stop started doing surveys and research to see why so many students would drop out of college.  The most common answer was due to financial reasons.

They discovered that students were unable to provide for themselves and receive a degree.  Therefore the students would  drop out of school, in order to be support themselves and their families.

They also came to the conclusion that students did not know of the services they were eligible for.  Single Stop USA, decided to become partners with community colleges to make a difference. Not only is Single Stop USA partners with Delgado, they are also partners with the Southeast United Way.

Contact Single Stop today at 504-671-6563 or email them at singlestop@dcc.edu to get the free services you deserve.

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