“Free At Last” photography

By: Ashley Boudreaux

The Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery at Delgado’s City Park Campus held the exhibit, “Freedom 2014: Through the Lens.”  The exhibit is curated by Myesha Francis, the owner of M. Francis Gallery.

“Freedom 2014: Through the Lens” features three New Orleans artists, Gus Bennett Jr., L. Kasimu Harris, and Jafar M. Pierre.  Each artist depicts their own photographic meanings of what freedom means to them.  The show involves complex freedom issues involving death, motherhood, survival, and many more realities.

Gus Bennett Jr. has has been doing photography for over 30 years.  He has worked all around the United States, Kenya, East Africa, Mexico and many other locations.  His work has been on the front page of Essence magazine and throughout the pages of Ebony magazine, jet magazine and New Orleans’ own magazine, Tribe.  Bennett uses his incredible photography skills to make a difference and to remind people to believe in what is right.  Kasimu Harris is a writer, photographer and columnist.  Harris has worked for The Times- Picayune, Bayou Community Magazine, Parish Chic, and much more.  Harris also taught journalism at the Young Audiences of Louisiana,and Algiers Charter School Association.  Jafar M. Pierre’s inspirational photography is also a must see.

10/16/13 Rock Avenue Bow Ties

The Issac Delgado Fine Arts which is located at the City Park campus in building one on the third floor.  Gallery hours are Monday through Tuesday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Wednesday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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