Delgado Student Media reboots with a new look

By:  Kamel Benyahia

When you read magazines and watch television shows featuring people at exclusive events like movie screenings, red-carpet events, festivals, and conventions, you may not realize that someone had to document those events. The people who document these events through photography, television, or writing, all work together to bring the information to the public in an organized fashion.

This may be a job, but this is a job with cool perks. Delgado students involved in Delgado media will meet local and national celebrities, athletes, and politicians. Media students are invited to early screenings of movies to write reviews, they are invited to local events like Comic-Con and many more opportunities exist. This is multi-media today, and Delgado is a way to dive into the world of journalism/ multi-media careers.

Delgado’s student media program is branching out into the community by participating in more events and networking with local venues. Students that are part of the The Dolphin newspaper, Dolphin Radio, and Delgado Television are working together to bring campus and local news to the student body.

The program allows you to follow what you are passionate about and explore subjects that are foreign to you. You can also work at your own pace, as long as you get done before deadlines. The most important thing is you get to dabble in a little bit of everything. You will cover sports, entertainment, news, politics, campus-related material and more. The subjects that are boring can be balanced out with subjects that interest you.

Just this semester Delgado students involved in student media have attended an exclusive press-party for New Orleans Comic-con at Barcadia, Chocolate Sunday (an event featuring local and national chocolate vendors at Harrahs), early-movie screenings of Robocop and Pompeii, and many more.

Students have attended VooDooFest, Jazz Fest, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and any other festival you can imagine. You can even choose your own events to cover. Delgado student media is the way to get your foot in the door with everything going on around the city, or even the whole country. New students will bring with them new opportunities and ideas that will keep the media program fresh for years to come.

If you think documenting exclusive events, writing about your favorite subjects, and speaking with interesting people is something that interests you, then dive in to Delgado’s student media program today. You can find The Dolphin newsroom in Building 11 Room 104. Dolphin Radio is located down the hall from the newspaper in room 107. Delgado Television is located in building 2 room 112.

Twitter, Instagram, Delgadodolphin.net, and other internet based social media trends are becoming part of our repertoire. You can follow us on Instagram @The_Dolphin_News, on Twitter @DelgadoDolphin, or you can check out our website Delgadodolphin.net. Our website features stories from our newspaper, and extra stories that will be exclusive to the website. Make sure to follow us for opportunities to win prizes and attend exclusive events.

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