Beyonce’s Surprise Album

By: Tara Johnson

Even though 2014 is just starting out, I think It’s safe to say Beyonce` is having the best year ever.  Without any warning, the artist ,affectionately known as “Queen Bey,” dropped her self-titled album, “Beyonce”, without promoting or releasing singles.  Not only did she release an album with 14 tracks,  she also included 17 videos.


Where does she find the time to make an album and videos while on her World Tour, “Mrs. Carter”? Maybe thats why she didn’t have time to promote it, instead, she released a 15-second video via her instagram page saying she just released an album exclusively to iTunes.  Within three days, the album had sold 80,000 copies.

The exclusivity to iTunes didn’t seem to sit well with rival retailers, Target and Amazon, who announced they wouldn’t be selling the CD.  As of date, Beyonce’s album has sold over 1.4 million copies.


What Next?

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