City Park art show, “Fettle and Tender” brings back past Delgado Art alumni

by Ashley Boudreaux

Delgado’s current art show, “Fettle and Tender” features artwork from past

Delgado alumni. Dan Tague, Anne Boudreau, and Jessica Goldfinch are all

featured artists in the show. Fettle and Tender’s official opening night was on

Nov. 7, but the show will continue on until Dec. 5 at City Park’s Isaac

Delgado Fine Arts Gallery.


Dan Tague, who studied fine art at Delgado then continued his studies at

University of New Orleans, dedicated his artwork at the exhibit to his mentor

and friend, Walter Johnson.  “If it were not for his instruction at Delgado I would

not be an artist today,” wrote Tague along with descriptions of his artwork.


Tague’s artwork clearly stood out among the other artworks displayed in the

gallery.  “Pursuit of Happiness,” “Fountain (American Standard),” “We Need A

Revolution,” and “Examining Freedom,” were four of Tague’s artworks that were

displayed in the gallery, along with a 45-minute long interview with the BBC

World News that took place on Aug. 26, 2013.  Tague’s “Pursuit of Happiness”

stands out the most in the gallery due to its size, 70 x 94 inches.  The acrylic and

oil canvas painting features the words “Pursuit of Happiness” on crinkled and

folded bills.


Anne Boudreau, who received her Associate’s Degree in Art from Delgado,

displayed work consisting of wire and synthetic fabrics. “Sweet Relief,”

“Points of Reference,” and “Fab Con I, II,III” were three of Boudreau’s

installations.  Each artwork consists of different materials, including silk,

paper, floss, beading, tulle and cotton.  Boudreau’s “Fab Con I,II,III”

installation involved three rectangular-shaped pieces of fabric embellished

with different colored fabrics and detailed beading.  Boudreau completed her

Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at University of Louisiana-Lafayette and then went to

the University of South Carolina to receive her Masters of Fine Arts.


Jessica Goldfinch graduated from Delgado in 1989 with her Associate’s in

Applied Sciences of Printing and Graphic Art. Then continued her education

at University of New Orleans with a bachelor of arts in sociology and fine arts.

Unique artworks included paintings, sculptures and shrinky dinks. Goldfinch

is known for her unconventional style which has been inspired by her many

travels from Indonesia to Nicaragua. Goldfinch’s “Syrinx Flora” at first looks

like a delicate silver flower but when up close, the flower’s stigma is actually

a syringe needle. Along with a sculpture, Goldfinch also had paintings of a similar style.


“Sanginolentas Orientalis” is an oil painting of delicate red flowers with syringe

needles as their stigmas. Along with paintings and sculptures, Goldfinch has mini

shrinky dinks of mythology.


Tague, Boudreau, and Goldfinch will have their work up in Isaac Delgado Fine

Arts Gallery until Dec. 5, but they also have art on display in the city. Tague

has artwork at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery and his website DanTagueStudio.com.

For more of Anne Boudreau’s artworks, go to her website, AnneBoudreau.com.

Jessica Goldfinch is affiliated with Coup D’oeil Art Consortium and Barrister’s Gallery.


City Park’s Isaac Delgado Arts Gallery is open to students and the

public Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Wednesday

and Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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